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TicketTrigger Culture

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TicketTrigger Culture is an advanced SaaS solution that fully replaces eSRO. The software enables to sell tickets and subscriptions and is fully is tailored for cultural organizations.

TicketTrigger offers a very wide range of features that fits the needs of any cultural venue, from midsize theatres to large concert halls.

Besides a smart salesflow for tickets, series and other products, TicketTrigger also includes a user friendly account environment. Here one can download e-tickets, confirm reservations or renew subscriptions.


Conversion boost

TicketTrigger offers a very user friendly order flow that enables a high conversion rate on your tickets sales.

TicketTrigger gives full insights in the salesflow through the implemented Google Analytics. It comes with a data service that provides realtime data from SRO.


Advanced Features

Our solution gives you all what you need for ticketing sales!

  • Extensive support for subscription sales and renewal
  • Fast checkout, no need to create a full account in most cases
  • Upselling and cross selling in the shopping basket
  • Donations in checkout
  • Deeplink support for sponsor actions
  • Download E-tickets with a convenient file name
  • Halls with multiple or single area's
  • Both best available seats and manual seat selection.
  • Supports the SRO rules engine in every aspect
  • Easy integration with the venues main website
  • Custom messages, based on the transaction, on the thank you page to give
  • integration with SRO payment providers
  • membership discounts
  • processes coupons and vouchers
  • (early bird) discount deeplinks for sponsors or client groups


Musis concerthall & theatre

Musis is a midsized theatre in the city of Arnhem with a strong regional appearance, housed in two iconic buildings.