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Custom solutions

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We can build every imaginative solution on top of the SRO API to fulfill the needs of your venue. No need to start from scratch, we have a huge library of components; from account tools, the versatile seatpicker to data a API for you crm system.

With our custom TicketTrigger solution you have complete freedom in design, flow and functionality of your salesflow. It enables you to build an order path exactly the way you want it. Suitable for any responsive, liquid or fixed design. Because of it’s flexibility we are able to embed the ticketing functionaliteit in your website code and create a seamless user experience. A great brand experience and a highly converting salesflow is within reach! We’d love to tell you more about our product or show you a demo.


Fully integrated solution
To integrate more data in your ticketing solution we connect with your business software. At the same time we deliver datafeeds that feed other software like narrow casting systems or other communcation channels in your organisation.


To give a good impression of the possibilities we offer:

  • It is a dependable solution: it handles high numbers of visitors, keeps the website running at normal speed and has overload safeguards for SRO / Caching.
  • To be used to sell: events, series, tours, lunches, donations, merchandise, member services (separately or combined).
  • It features an upselling and cross selling shopping basket.
  • Integration with Queue-it (Virtual Online Queuing System) for an even higher number of visitors
  • Number 4
  • It allows customers to download e-tickets and lets users add their tickets and membership cards to iPhone/Android wallet.
  • It has social media integration to service the user and use the strength of word-of-mouth.
  • Supports the SRO rules engine in every aspect
  • TicketTrigger has self-service account pages with order history, E-tickets download, subscriptions, reservations and much more.
  • It has an easy to use dashboard for up-to-date insight and translations.
  • It is fully multilingual, every text is editable.
  • It integrates with all SRO payment providers. Direct debit and Cash payments are supported
  • Data feeds to feed external software like narrow casting systems, CRM’s or external applications.


International Film Festival Rotterdam

Since 2015 the online ticketing sales of IFFR, world's third biggest film festival after Toronto and Berlin, is fully powered by TicketTrigger.

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam, one of the most famous concert halls in the world, started to use our ticketing software solution in 2014.