Online SRO API solutions

Our software is the product of years of experience and hard work. We are proud to be able to offer you one of the most advanced ticketing solutions around. We'd love to tell you more about our product or show you a demo. We have two industrie specific solutions or we build custom solutions for even more advanced online ticketing requirements.

TicketTrigger Football

TicketTrigger Football is used by several Dutch Eredivisie (Premier League) footbalteams for selling tickets and subscriptions.

TicketTrigger Culture

Easy to use software that gives a high-end ticket-buying experiences for theatres, concerthalls, orchestras and festivals

Custom solutions

We can provide in every imaginative solution on top of the SRO API to fulfill the needs of your organisation.

What we offer

TicketTrigger is a software layer that enables the selling of tickets and subscriptions online. It communicates directly with the API of SRO and it supports the SRO rules engine in every aspect. That makes it a high-end alternative for eSRO.

Our software consists of different smart elements that work together seamlessly. 

  • The Seatpicker allows the client to select a seat easily on a map, this is locked in sro in realtime.
  • The Shopping basket can be integrated in the corporate site to allow the selling of different products (e.g. merchandise)
  • The Account section where the client can see his tickets, renew series or find his reservations
  • With our data-feeds we can provide other software systems with realtime SRO data
Model of TicketTrigger

General features

TicketTrigger includes many special features that allow organizations to get the maximum online result out of SeatGeek's SRO.

  • Sell of events, lunches, donations, merchandise, memberships
  • Sell and renew subscriptions
  • Quest Checkout
  • Advanced seatpicker
  • Cross selling and upselling in the shopping basket
  • Integration with Queue-it (Virtual Online Queuing System)
  • Download SRO E-tickets, iPhone/Android wallet
  • Self-service account pages
  • Fully multilingual
  • Integrated with SRO payment providers. Direct debit and Cash payments are supported
  • Functions as an SSO server
  • Deeplink support