Friends Arena

TicketTrigger is used by the Friends Arena in Stockholm. The venue has a total capacity of 65,000 at concerts and seats 50,000 at football matches.

We were able to create an unique brand experience that looks good and sells great.

Special routing of customers to exchange information between the website and SRO.

Arena specific layout for events in the basket.

With deep linking to different sale points we created the tools for the Friends marketing team they need.

General e-ticket download in the client section with the use of external barcodes from fortress.

Friends Arena

TicketTrigger is used by Friends Arena to sell their own tickets

"Friends own web development company worked together with Zicht to integrate the SRO4 possibilities in the new Arena Website"

Seamless integration

The sales of sports tickets and train- & parking tickets has been made to fit into the website. All elements in the

We developed a complete order flow from a customer’s perspective. steps and a consistent customer journey.Less

A complete shopping basket

‍The shopping basket gives an overview of the order in a convenient way. Important for the conversion is the ability to modify the chosen seats, add coupons and see available payment options.

Business Club

With the business club

With the business club feature the client can order a number of seats as a kind of balance (dutch; strippenkaart). During the season this balance can be used to select seats for specific games. This feature can be used for sponsors or as something between individual ticket sales and subscriptions to series.

One financial transaction at the start and after that just a click to confirm the order is all there to order tickets. This makes the business club an easy to use feature for companies.


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