Online identification for club cards with iDIN

March 13, 2019

iDIN is an online identification service for individuals developed by a group of Dutch banks. It uses the reliable log-in method of banks and ensures that people can register and log in securely. Up until now, iDIN has mainly been used by government agencies, insurance companies and webstores. Recently, football clubs FC Utrecht, Vitesse and AZ also started to use iDIN for identification.

demo clubcard mockups of FC Utrecht, Vitesse and AZ

Getting to know who buys a ticket from the club

iDIN as a verification method within TicketTrigger

In our software product TicketTrigger Football we have therefore integrated iDIN technology as a verification method. This makes reliable identification possible online. That saves the clubs a lot of manual work and is faster and more user friendly for the fan. An added benefit is that this allows the online sales to continue a few more days and therefore increases ticket sales.

The ‘Betaalvereniging Nederland’ made a video item how iDIN is used this in their second edition of betaalTV

The whole episode can be seen on

This technology is in use at: FC Utrecht, Vitesse, AZ, Willem II and PSV

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