Sports ticketing

To address the complexity of football tickets, we have developed a framework to optimize SRO online. A complete feature set, originally designed for the most demanding Dutch football clubs, is now available and applicable for a wide range of sports ticketing needs.

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Stadium layout with area filter

Selecting the area to sit in should be easy. Therefore we made the area filter, where you can filter areas on the number of consecutive(!) seats, the price or custom named area properties such as Family or Lower ring.

A number of photos and a description of the area lowers the level of uncertainty and increases conversion.

PSV Eindhoven

Reservations and Season Ticket renewals.

The season ticket renewal period is always important, for the fans and for the clubs. Everything should be easy and clear to avoid unnecessary calls.

Complete control over allowed options in the basket. e.g. don't allow to change the name on a season ticket renewal, but do allow this if it is a new season ticket.

Away games have their own layout

For the away flow we have created other templates to accommodate to the other demands.
Show # of seat sold or # of seats left, it is up to you.
As an added feature the login can be enforced before a fan can select tickets.
This is a per-game setting in our dashboard.

Vitesse Arnhem

Managing friends and buying together

Linking account to buy tickets for your friends is easy. We've also added security for unwanted use by requiring a pincode.

Feel free to contact us for a demo.

Football Club Utrecht

Cross sell items in the basket

One of the favourite features of our customers is the seat picker. It displays the best available seats, gives the customer a view from the selected seat and interacts flawlessly with touchscreen. Feel free to contact us for a demo.

TicketTrigger Football brochure

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Football ticketing features

  1. Deeplink support for sponsor actions

  2. In CRM, only some fields can be edited to prevent account takeover

  3. It features an upselling and cross selling shopping basket.

  4. Integration with Queue-it - always on

  1. Download E-tickets with a convenient file name.

  2. Configurable options in the area filter include named tags

  3. Supports the SRO rules engine in every aspect

  4. Easy integration with the clubs site

  1. Custom messages, based on the transaction, on the thank you page to give the fans a next action.

  2. It is fully multilingual and multicultural

  3. It integrates with SRO payment providers and is able to process your coupons and vouchers

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