International Film Festival Rotterdam

International Film Festival Rotterdam

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Since 2015 the online ticketing sales were completely powered by TicketTrigger. Many of special features, queue-it integration, connectors to allow external systems of IFFR to read and write ticketing data.
Theatre full op people watching a 3d movie

About IFFR

During twelve festival days more than 1.200 screenings in fiction, documentary feature films, short films and media art are shown. The festival is spread across 8 venues in the city of Rotterdam and as one of the largest industry -driven filmfestivals the 2018 edition had over more than 329.000 admissions.

Integration for speed

The order flow for tickets, ticket series and member/user account management are fully integrated into the new, responsive IFFR website made by Burst and in10.

Ticket Selection

Selecting the right tickets was made easy. We also provided the website with a personalized feed of up-to-date price and availability information and created a component that allows the user to add and change the desired amount of tickets for a movie screening.

Smart coding for optimal performance

The website shows the user’s name, basket, time left and also his profile picture. Using smart coding allowed us to have the users browsers to request this on every page with thousands of users on the site, without a negative impact on the performance.

Shopping cart with tickets waiting to purchase

Fast Checkout

Account creation is where we see the largest drop-off of customers in the checkout process. For the IFFR, an account is not required, except when receiving a physical ticket is necessary. To avoid losing customers, users were given the option to skip the registration process. The rules engine in SRO4 was used to manage which users were eligible for fast checkout. This gave the IFFR the option to set and change the rules whenever necessary.

Buy tickets for friends

IFFR has a huge community of members: the IFFR Tiger Friends. The Tiger Friends membership allows these fans to buy tickets with a discount. 

For the 2016 edition, we responded to requests for an option to buy discount tickets for friends that are Tiger Friends members as well, to be sure a screening can be attended together. We successfully added a ‘buy for friends’ feature to our account component, making use of the latest SRO features. Tiger Friends now can easily connect to other Tiger Friends and put them on a friend list. On the checkout page, they can assign tickets to their listed friends.

Shopping cart with option to assign tickets to friends

Manage your own data

Clients buying a membership are asked to upload a profile picture. This picture is used on the membership pass to make these passes personalized. Users can change their picture on their account or during checkout. No more need for the ticket office to change profile pictures: that’s a huge time saver!

A modal where you can upload your own profile picture

A custom feature on request of IFFR makes sure clients buying a membership were prompted to upload a profile picture.

This case summed up

  • Seamless Integration: The online ticketing system was fully redesigned according to the new IFFR design and effectively integrated in the IFFR website.
  • Peak Performance: Thanks to a unique ‘Client type’ caching mechanisms, the website gained the ability to handle high volumes of orders simultaneously. We used virtual waiting room software to maintain performance at the start of sales.
  • Selling ticket series: We developed a custom order flow to handle the ‘Volkskrantdag’, a popular event with over 20.000 admissions. Our solution enabled the user to purchase a series of movies without knowledge of which movies they were purchasing.
  • Smart checkout: We added a one-page checkout, a Facebook login, and a transaction-dependent anonymous checkout option to optimize the process.
  • E-tickets: All E-tickets are accessible from the user’s account page. When using a mobile device a Apple Wallet ticket is offered.
  • The rules engine: All SRO4 rules for sales dates, prices and user rights for the screenings are incorporated into our software. This gives the IFFR autonomy to fully decide the way tickets are presented to the user and to offer automatically generated last-minute deals.
  • Up-sell & donations: Flexible upsell blocks and donation forms can be manage by using the SRO4 prompts feature
  • Data feeds: Intuitively structured data feeds provided the website with real-time availability for client groups, user details, order history and real-time basket contents.

Other cases

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Since 2015 the online ticketing sales of IFFR, world's third biggest film festival after Toronto and Berlin, is fully powered by TicketTrigger.

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