The Concertgebouw Amsterdam

The Concertgebouw Amsterdam

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TicketTrigger is used by The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, one of the busiest concert halls in the world. This solution led to an increase in online ticket sales, a more user-friendly order flow, and fewer calls to the help desk.
View of the big hall in The Concertgebouw

About The Concertgebouw

Built in 1888 on top of the swampy fields near Amsterdam. This world-renowned concert hall is not only known for its great acoustics for symphonic music, it also houses one of the best orchestras in the world: The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (RCO).

Seamless integration

The sales of concert tickets and subscriptions has been made to fit into the website. All elements in the salesflow are tailored to fit the design and functional specifications of the Concertgebouw. Special functions have been made for members and sponsor packages.

The site functions as a single sign on (sso) hub for a number of connected sites.

A view of The Royal Concertgebouw homepage

We developed a complete order flow from a customer’s perspective.

A smarter shopping basket

The smart shopping basket always show the order in a pleasant manner. Important for the conversion is the ability to modify the chosen seats and the ability to add dinner tickets or other side programs.

Screencapture of a demo shopping baskot of The Royal Concertgebouw

Series sales at its best

Online ticket series sales account for a large portion of annual turnover. This critical process has been turned into a fully operational online sales machine. Since the first version of series sales in 2012, this process has been updated every year.


Noticeable features:

  • Combination of both open and closed ticketing series for seated and unseated events
  • Renewal of same seat purchase and modifying amount/price category of seats
  • Discounts visible in realtime and ability to offer bonus events

Making this technical complex process easy to use for the customer was one of the most challenging tasks.

Screen capture of serie sales

This case summed up

  • Seamless integration: We were able to create a unique brand experience that looks good and sells great.
  • Extensive support of SRO rule engine: Give your marketing team the possibilities they want for special data, prices, discounts, deeplinks, etc.
  • Cross-sell: Rich cross sell options based in the shopping cart.
  • Email: Subscriptions in various configurations with renewal options from the client area.
  • E-tickets: Appealing E-tickets in both desktop and mobile formats, downloadable online.
  • SRO: Respecting the SRO4 rules for dates, prices on a personal level in every aspect.

Other cases

International Film Festival Rotterdam

Since 2015 the online ticketing sales of IFFR, the world's third biggest film festival after Toronto and Berlin, is fully powered by TicketTrigger.

Musis concerthall & theatre

Musis is a midsized theatre in the city of Arnhem with a strong regional appearance, housed in two iconic buildings.

Online ticketing for PSV Eindhoven

PSV is using our TicketTrigger Football software. We implemented some extra features that allowed PSV to integrate the software in their back-end.