About Us

TicketTrigger BV is a label of Zicht online, a Dutch digital agency that employs 25 web- and softwareprofessionals.
We deliver an SAAS solution providing advanced online ticketing for venues, festivals, theatres and sports clubs that use SRO.

Experienced in SRO

SRO manages the sale of tickets, subscriptions and memberships and is worldwide leading in primary ticketing for live entertainment and sports. Since we started working with SRO in 2014 our TicketTrigger team of architects, UX/UI designers and developers work closely together to create best-in-market online ticket experiences using the SRO API.

SeatGeek partner

In 2017 SeatGeek, one of the world’s biggest event ticket marketplaces, acquired TopTix, the company that built the SRO software. Since then TicketTrigger is partner of SeatGeek, working closely together to improve our products. This ensures quality and reliability of our solutions.

Sybolt Ettema, product manager

Please meet Sybolt Ettema, product manager and co-founder of TicketTrigger BV. As an experienced consultant and ticketing specialist he’s in charge of our TicketTrigger products.
Sybolt is working with the SRO API since 2011. He leads the team that knows all the possibilities of the API and the solutions we’ve build on top of that. He knows the market of online ticketing, has a strong network and visits seminars like the Ticketing Business Forum and INTIX. Please contact Sybolt if you are interested in our ticketing solutions. Send an email to sybolt@zicht.nl